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Crimson Scholar: Book 2

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Cee Cerberus is a Scholar

Until recently his life consisted of keeping records and maintaining the history of the Cerberus. That was, until his faithful companion Turk was turned to stone and Turk’s gem-adorned collar went missing. Was there a connection between the two? There had to be. Now it is a race to find the thief who took the collar. If they find it, will it save Turk?

When the thief is discovered, it takes all Cee’s strength not to kill them outright. Until he discovers who it is. Then, it becomes a fight to protect his heart during his search to save Turk.

Brandy is a Bounty Hunter

She finally had her first solo mission, and she chose one that looked easy. What was one man with a dog? To Brandy, It didn’t matter that his last name was Cerberus. That is until a lady dressed in green starts to follow her. The stakes are raised when a woman dressed all in black joins in. Brandy must save herself and her family against those who wish to do her harm.

Little did she know; her actions helped to bring the world closer to the end. If she cannot help the brothers in their fight, the world as they know it may cease to exist.


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Cobalt Warrior: Book 1

Theo Cerberus is a Warrior.

Until recently, his life consisted of feeding Diego, his Bull Mastiff and canine companion and playing video games. He also happens to be one of three handpicked by Hades himself to protect the Gate to the Underworld. Usually his job is boring. Check Reapers in and out, and make sure no souls get rowdy. If it wasn’t for also helping Hades around his vineyard in Hood River Oregon, Theo would have it pretty easy.

However, that was all about to change when a Reaper arrived at the gate unexpectedly, and memories that should have stayed buried began to surface. Memories of the love of his life walking out the door without a second glance.

Panterra is a Reaper.

She’s finally allowed to gather souls again. However, the first job she is given happens to be gathering a soul she loved and left centuries ago. Is her love for Theo stronger than the promise of freedom?

More lies in the balance than just Panterra’s heart and Theo’s soul. The fate of the Underworld is beginning to shift, and fulfilling her task may prove the tipping point.


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