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Cobalt Warrior is not our first book, and it won’t be our last.  Check out our other books below.  Click on the link to be directed to purchase pages.

Ancient Resurgence Series

Ancient Resurgence: Daniel’s Story

At the first mention of the disease expanding north, Daniel and his girlfriend Alice begin to prepare for the worst. With enough supplies to last, they hunker down with Alice’s parents. It isn’t long before unwelcome guests come to spoil their plans, some more dangerous than others. Daniel realizes that the only way to survive is to move, not deeper into isolation, but into the middle of a city.

In a battle to save themselves and those they hold dear, Daniel and those with him must figure out if this is something that can be cured, or if it is something much worse, an ancient resurgence.


Ancient Resurgence

Finish the story that Ancient Resurgence: Daniel’s Story started.

Greed and the insatiable lust for blood lead to the disappearance of a civilization. Arrogance and the disregard for a dire warning gave way to the disappearance of all civilization. And that is the world I live in. The luxuries of college and even other living beings was taken away. We survive, but at some point that is not enough. What would it take to leave for a rumor of safety, or even the possibility to save the world?


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